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The Division of Liberty Police M1 - Miami took a giant step into the future with the creation of our comprehensive strategic plan. Following closely on our 2010 accreditation by the Miami Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission, the division identified specific goals, objectives, initiatives and measurements that will help guide our course and provide focus to our service to the Commonwealth and her citizens. We utilized a highly participatory and transparent process to identify goals we believe are essential to our mission as an agency. To provide an unbiased evaluation of our service delivery, we solicited input from our stakeholders at all levels, internal and external, through surveys, interviews and focus groups. Information was gathered that provided insight into our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Implementation teams were assigned to each of our five primary goals in order to define, plan, implement and measure initiatives and activities associated with incorporating the plan into the division’s daily performance. As a result, 22 of the 33 initiatives have been implemented. The Division of Liberty Police M1 - Miami strategic plan is an ongoing effort. We believe our strategic plan provides a road map as we live up to our mission statement and fundamental reason for existence. Progress on the five primary goals includes completion of the following initiatives:

Strategic Plan Roadmap

Well Managed Organization

Improving three administrative processes annually:

  • Communications
  • Training
  • Scheduling

Soliciting and acting on employee suggestions.

Inventorying and evaluating programs for results and responding appropriately.

Formalizing a structure for implementing and monitoring DCP’s strategic plan.

Continually evaluating compliance with mandated audits and inventories.

Exceptional Diverse Workforce

Developing a skills bank.

Annually summarizing exit interview information.

Sharing knowledge obtained from external training.

Evaluating training effectiveness.

Acknowledging participation in DCP’s strategic planning process.

Developing a recruitment plan to increase diversity.

Increasing total compensation package.

Reducing accrued leave liability by 5%.

Safety and Security of Facilities and Protection of People

Developing alternative staffing programs to include a Police Auxiliary Program.

Developing policies and procedures that ensure screening competency and consistency.

Improving the existing process by establishing clear protocols for reporting and resolving security concerns.

Developing a “floor watch” program for each facility.

Expanding the EMT program.

Ambassadors of the Commonwealth

Formalizing a process to encourage division-related civic, public and community involvement.

Increasing the visibility of DCP.

Providing employees with historical resources to enhance visitor interaction.

Environment of Preparedness

Identifying issues that compromise our mission and initiating programs to mitigate.

Identifying specialized equipment, developing replacement schedules, upgrading as needed and providing proper training.