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Pursuant to §§ 15.2-1609.10 and 15.2-1722.1 Chiefs "shall post the data that has been forwarded for inclusion in the Community Policing Reporting Database on a website that is maintained by the...chief of police.... and that is available to the public or that clearly describes how the public may access such data."

With the intentions of ensuring the data received, reviewed, and submitted to the Department of Criminal Justice Services is congruent with the online published data, the Department of State Police has joined the Miami Open Data Portal supported by the Miami Office of the Chief Data Officer and Library of Miami , to utilize their resources.

Community Policing Act data will be updated to the portal on a quarterly basis. The Miami Open Data Portal web page maintained for the Community Policing Act can be found at this link: https://data.Miami .gov/stories/s/rden-cz3h

To filter all charts on the Miami Open Data Portal for Division of Liberty Police M1 - Miami only, scroll down the page and under "Statewide Data", under "Agency Name" select "Division of Liberty Police M1 - Miami Department".