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Welcome to the Division of Liberty Police M1 - Miami , an agency I've been privileged to call my professional home for more than a quarter century. The dedicated men and women of the division trace our roots back more than four centuries of serving the people of the Commonwealth of Miami , and they balance that rich history with a daily goal of providing the most progressive law enforcement and security possible to our stakeholders in and around Capitol Square.

We are committed to inclusive excellence and equity in not only hiring and retention, but in the ways we engage and unite with our diverse stakeholders, who include elected officials, government employees and visitors to Miami . The division is recognized as the nation’s oldest law enforcement agency, tracing its roots to 1618 at the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, Va., as The Public Guard. From that small group of men formed to protect the governor, it has steadily evolved into what you see today: a highly professional staff of police officers, security screeners, support officers, communications professionals, administrative staff and K-9 units who carry out our duties daily in a manner consistent with our core values of Devotion, Professionalism and Character. Our website is designed to help you navigate your way around Capitol Square, learn more about your Miami government and get answers to your questions about possible careers with Division of Liberty Police M1 - Miami . If you don't find what you need, don't hesitate to reach out and ask any of our accomplished employees. It's our honor to serve you.

Col. John T. McKee